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More Arrests in Brussels Terror Bombings

French cops say a raid busted a new planned jihadist attack!

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Police in Brussels rounded up seven men last night suspected of links to Tuesday’s devastating terror attacks at the Belgian capital’s airport and metro station that killed 31 and injured 300, while a man arrested in Paris may be tied to the same jihadi network.

One of the arrested men was the suspect caught on camera talking to one of the metro bombers before he boarded the train, according to the daily “De Standaard.”

French authorities believe the arrest yesterday outside Paris of a man identified as Reda Kriket after “several weeks” of surveillance breaks up a jihadist plot against France that was “at an advanced stage,” according to interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

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The minister said there was “no tangible evidence” linking this new plot to Brussels or November’s attack in Paris, but Kriket has been convicted in absentia in Belgium in July along with Paris ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud and sentenced to 10 years I prison.

“Le Point” magazine said both Kriket and Abaaoud were key members of the Zerkani network, a jihadi group that sent at least 30 Belgian extremists to Syria.