When a thrilled Doris Murray won a $5 million lottery, little did she suspect her number was truly up.

She hit the jackpot a year ago on her 41st birthday and joyfully declared: “This is the best birthday ever!”

But now she’s dead – murdered by her ex-boyfriend, who saw her as his meal ticket to an easy life, say authorities.

“It’s a real tragedy,” police Sgt. Stan Wright told The ENQUIRER.

“She wins the lottery and a year later, she’s dead. She never really got to enjoy her winnings.”

Doris, a mother of four and grandmother of seven, lived in the same modest block home in East Dublin, Ga., that she had before winning $5 million in the Georgia lottery.

She had been dating Derrick Stanley, a 51-year-old construction worker, who is now in jail and charged with murdering her.

“They had been together for eight years, but then she tried to break it off. She wanted an amicable breakup – but he didn’t. He still wanted to be her boyfriend,” said Sgt. Wright.

Doris’ daughter Arentria said Stanley viewed her mom as his ticket for getting out of debt. “His house had gone into foreclosure. He was thinking my momma’s supposed to be his way out,” she said.

On May 5, the clash of wills ended in tragedy.

Cops got a 911 call from Doris’ family, saying Stanley and Doris had gotten into a big fight at her home.

When cops got there, they found Doris lying on the floor inside her home. She’d been stabbed multiple times in the chest.

Stanley had fled. “He was seen leaving with blood on his face,” said Sgt. Wright.

Cops spotted him driving his car later that afternoon, arrested him and charged him with murder. If convicted, he faces life in prison without parole.

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