Monster mom Casey Anthony will walk away from the charges she murdered her angel-faced daughter Caylee!

Lack of incriminating evidence plus the content of home videos are the key factors that are causing the first-degree murder charge to not stick to Casey, legal experts revealed exclusively to The ENQUIRER.

One huge problem for prosecutors is that they don’t even know how 2- year-old Caylee died.

“In most murder trials, the medical examiner is a star witness, testifying to multiple bullets in a body or strangulation marks or tell-tale signs of repeated blunt trauma that lead to the conclusion death wasn’t accidental,” said Craig Silverman, former Chief Deputy District Attorney for Denver, Colo., who analyzed the case for The ENQUIRER.

“But in this case, the medical examiner has already announced that she can’t determine what caused Caylee’s death.”

He added: “It’s easy to envision Casey Anthony beating the first-degree murder charge.”

And Oakland, Calif., defense attorney Daniel Horowitz agreed that Casey will walk away from the murder charge, saying: “Police botched the case – and that’s why I believe Casey can beat the rap.”

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