The wife of “Beltway Sniper” John Allen Muhammad is breaking her silence for the first time since her estranged husband went on the horrific killing spree that shocked the nation in October 2002.

Mildred Muhammad, now an outspoken advocate for victims of domestic abuse, has recounted in bone-chilling detail the fear she lived with on a daily basis during her relationship with Muhammad in her new book, “Scared Silent: The Mildred Muhammad Story.”

In advance of the book’s publication, Mildred gave an emotional interview in which she revealed that Muhammad had forewarned her of the tragedy to come.

According to Mildred, one night while they were watching a movie together, he said: “I could take a small city – terrorize it. They would think it would be a group of people, and it would only be me.”

Muhammad followed through on that ominous threat years later when he and his 17-year-old accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, terrorized the Washington, D.C., area and Interstate 95 in Virginia by shooting and killing 10 people.

Police say the sniper shootings were part of Muhammad’s master plan to murder Mildred and get away with it.

He wanted her dead because of a custody battle over their three children but knew he’d be the first one suspected if she was killed. He planned to get away with it by making it appear she was a random victim in the slayings.

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