ZSA ZSA GABOR’s homeless daughter died over a month ago, but the husband of the 98-year-old Hollywood legend refuses to tell her!

“I don’t want to tell her. If they had talked over the last year or so, then maybe I would have told her – but because they didn’t talk for so long, there is no reason to tell my wife,” Prince Frédéric von Anhalt told The National ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

Stepdaughter Francesca Hilton, 67, died of an apparent stroke on Jan. 5. She was penniless and slept in her car. Her body was then stored in a morgue for weeks. Frédéric said he tried to claim her body, but was refused because he wasn’t a blood relative.

Francesca’s older half-brother Barron and his son Steven eventually signed the paperwork for her body, and a funeral was reportedly held, though Frédéric had no knowledge of it.

Frédéric claimed any legal conflicts over Zsa Zsa’s estate had been resolved before Francesca’s death. The couple had to sell their Bel Air home in 2013 for $11 million – although the deal allows them to rent the home until 2016.

But, admitted Frédéric: “This is a total Hollywood tragedy. It never really works when you marry somebody who was married seven times before and there’s a daughter.” Meanwhile, Zsa Zsa’s in relatively good health, he said: “She’s very alert and, mentally, I’d say 75 percent with us.”