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Zachary Quinto Ready To Quit Being Spock

Burned out on trappings of Trekdom!

zachary quinto star trek spock quit
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Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto — who plays the role of Spock made famous by predecessor Leonard Nimoy — is in no rush to return for the filming of the fourth installment of the series reboot!

The ungrateful 40-year-old has admitted to pals he was unaware of the obsessive level of “Star Trek” fandom and is completely turned off by the whole scene.

“He can make $50,000 in a single weekend at a Trek convention, but he’d rather stay home with his boyfriend, Miles [McMillan],” divulged a buddy.

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“Zach really hasn’t embraced the whole ‘Star Trek’ world and a lot of this has to do with the intensity of the fans,” the source confided.

“And Miles is not impressed at all with the trappings of being a movie star — or the sci-fi scene, either.”

If he keeps it up, Zach’s ambivalent attitude could start to hit him where it hurts the most — his wallet! And that would not be logical.