Mike Walker

Zac Efron Yelling Bloody Murder Over Playing Ted Bundy

Tries to tone down the charm to play charismatic killer!

zac efron ted bundy movie

Mike Walker reports… Former teen idol Zac Efron has been hailed as a “pretty boy” ever since his heartthrob days in Disney’s “High School Musical” movies — and he can’t seem to shed even a bit of his horrifying handsomeness

The all-grown-up and still gorgeous hunk is now a more-manly 30 years old (when did that happen?), and he’s playing the real-life monster Ted Bundy in the new movie “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.”

Ted Bundy — Bizarre Lost Letters Of Death Row Charmer!

But, snitched an on-set spy, chiseled Zac blew his stack after watching footage of himself as the serial killer, kvetching, “I’m still too darn handsome!”

Added the insider: “Bundy was known for using his killer looks to lure innocent victims. But Zac is other-level, crazy-movie-star-stunning!

“No matter how much they try toning down his handsomeness with makeup tricks, Zac magically still looks amazing on camera!”