Wynonna Judd Regains 55 Pounds

Wynonna judd splash

Wynonna Judd has gobbled back the 55 pounds she lost for “Dancing With the Stars” — and the country star is now so huge that she needs help just to walk!

As this shocking photo shows, the 51-year-old songbird, now crushing the scales at a whopping 295 pounds, needed assistance while also steadying herself with a hand on a car when she arrived in Las Vegas for a series of shows with mom Naomi.

“She went on a starvation diet for ‘DWTS,’” said a source. “Now she’s piled it back on.”

Added a family friend: “Wy’s thrown in the towel. “She’s struggled with her weight for years, and has finally sworn off diets for good.

“The poor woman can’t even walk without help, but even that hasn’t convinced her to lose weight and keep it off!

“Everyone thinks she’s eating her way to an early grave, but she won’t listen to anyone who tries to give her advice.”

Sadly, the 5-foot-5 singer had trimmed down to 245 pounds with her dance training for a 2013 stint on “DWTS.”

Weight loss expert Dr. John McDougall noted her “hips, knees and ankles” would’ve then “suffered severe punishment from all of that extra weight, and she runs a high risk of permanent disability.”

Even with the loss, Wynonna still proved a load for partner Tony Dovolani to lug about the dance floor. She was “devastated” when they were the first pair to get the boot!

Wynonna has been a lifelong bulge battler. Unfortunately, she’s constantly compared to her actress sister Ashley and mom Naomi, who both are sexy-slim.

Now with third hubby Cactus Moser, who lost a leg in a 2012 motorcycle wreck, she admits she turns to eating for comfort during times of emotional turmoil — having said, “I used food to soothe and reward.”

Said the family friend: “Wy’s back up to 295 pounds — and at the rate she’s going, it won’t be long before she hits 300 or more!”