Wynonna Judd Living In Fear Of Killer!

Singer gets 24hr guard after monster's threats.

Inset Killer Jack Barron Mugshot, Wynonna Judd Wearing Sparkley Black Top
Getty Images; CDC

Terrified Wynonna Judd is trapped in a private hell — fearing that a convicted murderer wants her dead!

Vicious killer Jack Barron has been serving three consecutive life terms in a California prison since 2000 for the cold-blooded slaying of his mother, wife and son.

But the sicko also plotted to kidnap country singer Wynonna and kill her family — and The National ENQUIRER has learned that he’s filed three petitions in a desperate bid to go free and possibly target Wynonna!

Barron’s petitions have been denied, but he’d met Wynonna at least twice — and his threats against her before his sentencing were so menacing that now 55-year-old Wynonna and her family were kept under 24-hour guard.

Wynonna Judd Wearing Black Clothing, Hat, Dark Sunglasses Walking And Holding Son Elijah With Now Ex Husband Arch Kelley Wearing Cream Colored Clothing

Wynonna Judd with then husband Arch Kelley holding their son, Elijah Kelley. Photo: Getty Images

Her ex-husband, Arch Kelley, said in 1999 that he believed Barron, now 57, made a phone call threatening to kill him and their young son, Elijah.

“Arch, this is Jack,” Arch said of the chilling message. “I’m going to get you and Elijah, so you better watch out.”

Arch added: “I think this man was going to kill me and Elijah and kidnap Wynonna. My son and I were next on his list. “I think he wanted to do away with us so that he and Wynonna could live forever together.”