John Travolta’s nephew has accused the superstar of allowing Scientology to persecute him relentlessly after he quit the controversial church, The National ENQUIRER can now reveal.

In a bombshell exclusive interview, Sam Travolta, Jr., claimed members of the cult-like religion “terrorized” him with death threats and other harassing tactics for years – even driving him to attempt suicide!

Sam has lived on the run since fleeing Scientology in 2007. Now, he is speaking to the media for the first time – disclosing his horrific story to The ENQUIRER after our exhaustive months-long investigation tracked him down in a small Midwestern town.

For the sake of Sam’s safety, The ENQUIRER is withholding his exact whereabouts. But the 47-year-old screenwriter claimed he remains fearful for his life, even though Scientology’s harassment campaign seemed to end in 2012.

“Scientology almost killed me!” Sam declared in a no-holds-barred interview.

“It’s psychological warfare, and after a while it gets to you. Things got so bad that I tried to jump off a bridge in Los Angeles in January 2007, trying to kill myself!”

After that failed suicide attempt, Sam said he spent 28 days in a mental treatment center.

Sam said the persecution included Scientology members “planting drugs on me,” and “spreading rumors around town that I was psychotic, and even worse – a pedophile!”

The abuse continued for years, according to Sam, and most shocking to him was the fact that his famous uncle couldn’t intervene on his 

The “Saturday Night Fever” star  is known as one of 
Scientology’s most high-profile celebrities. John and his wife, Kelly Preston, also a Scientologist, have publicly credited the church with helping them cope with the death of their son, Jett, in 2009.

The Church of Scientology did not respond to The ENQUIRER’s request for comment regarding the claims made in this story. However, Travolta’s lawyer vehemently denied that John allowed Scientology to persecute Sam.

But Sam told The ENQUIRER: “My Uncle John told me, ‘Sorry, Sam, I can’t help you. They don’t care who I am.’”

But since then, John has stepped up, according to Sam, and now helps him financially. Through his father, Sam, Sr., he said he receives about $1,800 a month from the “Pulp Fiction” star – even though the two haven’t spoken since 2006.

“I’m a struggling screenwriter living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, so John’s money helps,” a grateful Sam told The ENQUIRER. As for John’s devotion to Scientology, Sam said: “My Uncle John never pressured any of his family to join Scientology. But he appeared to be ‘friendlier’ to you when he knew you were involved with the religion.”

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