The  twisted tycoon who paid teenage slaves to have illicit sex with some of the world’s highest profile men may have secretly filmed some lurid encounters and hatched an alleged “blackmail” scheme!

In a dramatic twist to the explosive scandal that has ensnared Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton, The National ENQUIRER has learned the FBI has seized at least four tapes from a home of billionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein.

The spy videos contain over four hours of footage that could be potentially incriminating to Andrew, who allegedly had relations with teenage sex slave Virginia Roberts at least three times.

Now a 31-year-old married mother of three, Virginia has claimed that she was employed as the “top girl” in Epstein’s illegal harem for four years.

During that time, she has alleged that he ordered her to have sex with Andrew, fifth in line to the British throne and “many other powerful men, including politicians and powerful business executives.”

She’s also accused Andrew of participating in a sordid “orgy” with her, Epstein and a group of young Russian models on the financier’s private Caribbean island.

Now, The ENQUIRER has learned, potentially damaging evidence was obtained after law enforcement raided Epstein’s Florida-based sex den!

According to 93 pages of police reports leaked to The ENQUIRER, two hidden cameras were discovered in clocks at Epstein’s Palm Beach estate where Virginia has claimed she was paid to work as a sex slave, beginning at the age of 15.

“Several images of Epstein working at his office were seen,” the documents stated. “There was other footage of females seen.”

What’s more, Virginia learned there were also clandestine surveillance cameras at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse where she was ordered, she said, to have a romp with 54-year-old Andrew in a dungeon-like “massage room.”

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