In a riveting World Exclusive The ENQUIRER brings you inside the hospital room of critically-stricken RANDY TRAVIS as the country star fights for life after suffering a potentially- deadly heart problem and near-fatal stroke!

We also reveal the shocking secret behind the 54-year-old singer’s life-and-death medical crisis.

Travis was rushed to Texas’ Baylor Medical Center on July 7 before being transferred to The Heart Hospital Baylor, where doctors couldn’t keep him from slipping into a deep coma.

Through exclusive interviews with close relatives, The ENQUIRER offers a blow-by-blow account of how Randy’s brain wave readings dropped to nearly nothing – and docs were close to declaring him brain-dead — before he miraculously rallied.

But the Nashville legend is not out of the woods YET, as an ENQUIRER investigation reveals why the family is still praying for a miracle.

PLUS: Now it can be told — how Travis was tempting fate in the weeks leading up to his medical emergency, doing whatever it took to endure a grueling concert tour.

AND we talk with Lib Hatcher, the former wife/manager of the “Three Wooden Crosses” singer, who admits she still loves him but says: “Now, he’s in a bad way. It’s not good.”

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