MATT LAUER turned his wife’s life into a 
living hell, according to bombshell divorce papers obtained exclusively by The National ENQUIRER.

In slamming the “Today” host with legal papers to end their marriage, Annette Roque admitted she walked out on him for three months in spring 2005.

The Dutch-born beauty claimed she moved out of the couple’s Manhattan home after Matt made “certain extremely hurtful accusations against” her, which she said “ultimately turned out to be unfounded.”

According to her divorce action, she said she left Matt “in a fit of rage” and their separation caused her “extreme distress.”

While she returned to their home, Annette socked him with a divorce only months later while she was pregnant with the couple’s third child.

Her six-page divorce suit – prepared by high-powered NYC attorney Nancy Chemtob – was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Sept. 12, 2006.

While news of the divorce made headlines at the time, the stunning details in the sealed court papers have not been made public until now.

The allegations shatter the newsman’s carefully crafted image, painting him as a control freak with a heart as cold as ice who used his power to trap his long-suffering wife in a loveless marriage.

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