The former teenage “sex slave” at the center of the scandal that ensnared Britain’s Prince Andrew has revealed that she met Bill Clinton on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “orgy island” – and described the ex-president as a “sleaze dog!”

Virginia Roberts gave The National ENQUIRER’s investigative editor Sharon Churcher an explosive account of Bill’s twisted double life – and legal experts have warned it could entangle him in criminal charges that may threaten his wife’s run for the White House!

In an extraordinary tale of power, influence and sexual abuse, Virginia said Hillary was nowhere to be seen when on at least two occasions Bill visited his billionaire pal Epstein’s estates in New York and the U.S. Virgin Islands, which were plastered with pornographic photos of her and other girls in his underage harem.

Just 17 when she met Bill, Virginia claimed she witnessed the ex-Horndog-in-Chief on one of Epstein’s private jets.

In a blockbuster investigation, The ENQUIRER has uncovered damning evidence that Bill, 68, also jetted around the world with a woman who allegedly worked as a “sex magnet” for Epstein – luring teenaged girls into his tawdry trysts.

Far from being shamed when the tycoon was jailed in 2008 for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution, we have also learned Bill remained close to Epstein’s aide, Ghislaine Maxwell, who recruited Virginia as the pervert’s “top” sex slave.

The Clintons even invited Ghislaine to daughter Chelsea’s 2010 wedding!

“I first met Bill on Jeffrey’s private island,” Virginia recalled. “Jeffrey had told me that they were good friends.

“I asked, ‘How come?’ And he said, ‘He owes me some favors.’ He laughed about it. Maybe he was just joking, but it constantly surprised me that people with as much to lose as Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew weren’t more careful.”

The “island of sin” was also the scene of an orgy during which Virginia said Epstein “directed” her to perform a sex act on Andrew.

Virginia met Bill a second time at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse, where The ENQUIRER has revealed she also claimed to have been ordered to have one of three sexual encounters with Andrew.

In court testimony, Virginia also revealed that a Boeing 727 on which Bill traveled with Epstein was equipped with a bed sometimes used for “orgies.”

Asked if there are surveillance cameras on Epstein’s fleet of aircraft, his personal pilot, Larry Visoski, told us, “I just can’t answer that. You put me in an awkward spot.”

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