The startling secrets behind the new WONDER WOMAN TV show!

Warner Bros TV, the folks behind Smallville, are launching a reboot of the classic series that starred LYNDA CARTER during the 1970s with a very unlikely guru – David E. Kelly who created such legal dramas as Boston Legal, The Practice and Ally McBeal.

The Hollywood Reporter
says that the latest development comes after nearly a decade of failed attempts to get the red-white-blue feminist icon back on the big screen. 

Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Beyonce Knowles have all said they would like a crack at steering WW’s invisible jet and Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon had been scripting an adaptation in 2005. Whedon was canned after WB execs took a look at his script and said "no go".

Insiders say that the Wonder Woman reboot is a calculated move to replace Smallville on the CW which is in its tenth and final season. 

The young Superman show has enjoyed its highest ratings ever beating both ABC and Fox in the coveted 18 to 34 year old market in its season premiere.

Experts in the genre say that the new Wonder Woman will be a coming- of- age version with a teen Diana Prince (WW’s secret ID) learning to deal with her Amazonian heritage in the age of Twitter which would explain the recent revamp of her iconic costume in the comic mags as a ren-faire pixie punk.

Yet the female super-hero genre has been a hard nut to crack as the Elektra film with Jennifer Garner bombed on the big screen.  The recent TV version of The Bionic Woman (another hit TV show from 1970s for  Lindsay Wagner) was also a flop for NBC.

TV’s original WW, Lynda Carter, is rumored to be playing the role of Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother, in the new series if it’s green-lit after a pilot is shot.