Winona Ryder’s Driving Jennifer Aniston Crazy

JENNIFER ANISTON is seeing red over fiancé JUSTIN THEROUX’S “obsession” with an old rival – WINONA RYDER!

“Justin is out to revive Winona’s career, and it’s tapped into all of Jen’s insecurities,” a pal exclusively told The National ENQUIRER.

“She’s so paranoid about Justin straying that she has an assistant keeping tabs on his whereabouts at all times!”

Justin, 43, has been filming “Zoolander 2” with pal Ben Stiller in Rome, and they’ve been trying to woo Winona back to reprise her cameo from the original fashion spoof.

“They’re banking on Winona making her own big comeback,” added The ENQUIRER’s insider.

But there’s one big problem with the co-stars’ plan.

“Jen is extremely unhappy about this,” said the source.

Jennifer, 46, and Winona, 43, have an ugly history.

The “Beetlejuice” actress made a cameo on “Friends” in 2001, and rubbed everyone the wrong way with her diva attitude – and Jen later heard talk of Winona hitting on her then-hubby, Brad Pitt!

“Now Jen’s suspicious of Justin’s motives,” dished our source, “and it’s driving her crazy!”