Willie Nelson Facing His Last Days

Willie Nelson is working himself to death, friends fear!

And the 82-year-old country legend is ignoring warning every sign — even after he was forced to cancel several concert dates due to a mysterious illness.

“Willie would rather tear off his left arm than break a commitment to play a show, so for him to cancel a string of concerts — it’s really kinda scary,” said a source.

“’Retirement’ isn’t a word in his vocabulary.”

And Willie doesn’t appear interested in adding it any time soon.

“I don’t care how much it hurts, Willie told a pal. “I’ll be on the road, playin’ until the day I die!”

But his friends fear that he’s running out of time!

Willie canceled and then rescheduled three shows with Merle Haggard on their new “Django and Jimmie” Tour due to a medical issue that he’s been keeping top secret.

In 2012, the “On the Road Again” singer — who suffers from emphysema — had to cancel Denver-area shows when he was hospitalized with breathing troubles.

Now there are rumors he uses marijuana to hide a more serious ailment — like maybe cancer!

Nelson, wed to fourth wife Annie since 1991, has sworn off booze and other drugs, saying cigarettes were killing him.

“I had to start trying to stay alive or I was going to die,” Willie explained, with his friends still worrying that his nonstop touring is a death warrant.

“Staying busy is important!”