PRINCE WILLIAM and KATE MIDDLETON are keeping a big wedding secret — they’re going to adopt! The bride-to-be admires actress ANGELINA JOLIE’s multinational adoptions, sources say, and both she and William are determined to create a loving home for a child from another culture.

“Kate’s got a big heart just like William’s late mother PRINCESS DIANA. That’s one of the reasons Wills fell for her,” revealed a Buckingham Palace insider.

“Kate also respects Angelina for the way she’s reached out to give children from other cultures the chance for a happy life, and she wants to do the same.

“Wills thinks a foreign adoption will help finally modernize the royal family and make it more popular with the people.

“He knows his mother would have loved the idea.”

But the young couple’s surprising decision puts them on a collision course with fuddy-duddies in the royal family who would be appalled at the idea of adopting.

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