WILL SMITH and Jada Pinkett Smith are blowing the whistle on their kids’ wild-child ways – and starting a family “boot camp” to bring them back in line!

The Hollywood power couple hatched the tough-love plan at a family meeting they called to discuss how best to deal with the increasingly bad behavior of daughter Willow, 12, and son Jaden, 14, say sources.

“Will and Jaden have done everything in their power to bring up strong, independent children, but now they feel that maybe they gave Willow and Jaden too much freedom,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“They’ve had major arguments about how to best raise their children and even sought out professional advice. But every day there seems to be some new public drama involving their children.

“So together, the couple devised a ‘boot camp’ regimen to improve the kids’ behavior.”

“Karate Kid” star Jaden report­edly went on a foul-mouthed Twitter rant after someone at­tacked one of his fans on another social networking site, using lan­guage so shocking it’s not fit to print! Meanwhile, Willow took to her Tumblr page in April to write a disturbing rant she called “Being normal is ugly.” She made refer­ences to mental illness, suicide and drug use, and wrote things like: “I live in my own hell” and “I think my thoughts are trying to murder me.”

Willow, who became a star with her hit 2010 song “Whip My Hair,” has dyed her hair green, shaved her head, got a fake tongue piercing and was photographed in a jacket with “I Hate Everyone” scrawled on the back.

Now, Will and Jada have ap­parently had enough. “They’re looking at tougher, more struc­tured schools, limiting their kids’ computer access and TV time and keeping close tabs on their friends and social activities.

“Will won’t stand for spoiled, bratty behavior in his own kids. He and Jada realize it’s hard being the children of superstars, but they’re confident they can change their kids’ behavioral problems and get them under control with a heaping helping of tough love.”