A-List parental units desperate to keep rebellious son JADEN away from KYLIE JENNER and her bad news band – the K-Klan.

WILL SMITH and wife Jada hoped their son Jaden’s puppy love for Ky­lie Jenner would quickly fizzle, but now they’re demanding their 15-year-old Romeo dump her – and the entire Kardashian family!

For nearly a year, “Karate Kid” star Jaden has been romancing 16-year-old Kylie, youngest daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner – and his concerned parents fear that “momager” Kris is simply using him to grab more time in the spot­light.

“Will and Jada figured Jaden would grow out of his infatuation with Kylie by last summer, but here we are into 2014 and they are closer than ever,” declared a Smith family friend.

“And the more Will and Jada know about the Kardashians, the more they suspect Jaden’s just be­ing used for his family fame. Kris gloms onto him as if he’s her own son, and he’s listening to her advice more than to his own parents.

“They’ve told Jaden they’re not going to stand for it any longer.”

The situation reached a crisis point recently when Jada scheduled an all-day outing with Jaden to go shopping and see a movie.

“At the last minute, Jaden told her he had other plans,” said an insider. “Jada asked, ‘You’re going over to Kylie’s?’ Jaden admitted he was, and his mother saw red. She  told him, ‘I am your mother and this has got to end!’”

But instead of caving in to his family’s wishes, the defiant teen refuses to cut Kylie loose. And lately, their romance has been heating up.

In October, Jaden and Kylie were at the premiere of “Ender’s Game,” and they were seen cuddling the following month dur­ing a shopping spree in Los Angeles. In December, the young lovebirds enjoyed the premiere of Justin Bieber’s concert movie.

Jaden’s parents are especially upset over how much time he spends at the Jenner house just a few miles away from the Smith estate in Calabasas, Calif.

“It’s like his home away from home, and Will and Jada are sick of it,” said the close source. “They’ve tried to talk sense into Jaden, but for the first time in his life, he’s openly defying his parents. He says he’s nearly a grown man and can make his own decisions without mommy and daddy holding his hand.”

Concerned friends warn that the growing family crisis may spur Jaden to seek legal emancipation from his parents’ authority. Last year, Will said that Jaden was consid­ering the radical move but later claimed he’d only been joking. And Jaden added that he liked the concept of “everything is free” at home.

“But now Jaden’s bucking up against the idea of his parents forbidding him to see Kylie,” said the friend. “If anything, it’s just making him all the more determined to be with her.”