With Wikileaks under attack founder JULIAN ASSANGE, who is wanted by Interpol for an alleged  rape in Sweden, threatens to release "doomsday files" that would imperil the safety of the entire world!

Assange hasd circulated throughout the internet an unencrypted "poison pill" a cache of uncensored docs inc;duing inflammatory files on BP and Guantanamo Bay.

The Sunday Times has ID-ed the file codenamed "the insurance file" has already been downloaded from the WikiLeaks website by tens of thousands from America to Australia.

The file, like a sleeper cell or Trojan, will be opened worldwide if any government tries to curtail his potentially criminal activities.

Other covert docs Assange is purported to have include a US air strike that killed Afghan civilians, BP files regarding the oil spill disaster and Bank of America documents.

One of the key files- named insurance.aes256 – is encrypted with a 256-digit key.  Cyber ciphers said it was "virtually unbreakable".

"We have over a long period of time distributed encrypted backups of material we have yet to release. All we have to do is release the password to that material, and it is instantly available," Assange threatened in a new message to his followers.

The Wiki "doomsday files" are a key part of Assange’s contingency plan as they face worldwide legal threats.

The US Department of Defense has known of the sleeper files for month and in the wake of Asaange’s new menace the administration is weighing   legal action after the release of 250,000 diplomatic cables.

The new files are said to be far more damaging to fragile political alliances  in the Mid East and with US allies that mere "name-calling".

Amazon, which hosted Wikileaks, refused further access to its servers last week. which hosted the pirate site cut off its service after being assaulted by hackers, crashing the server.

Assange’s new blackmail tactics  were revealed when the site re-emerged Friday on a Swiss server and address,

Swiss Pirate party, which champions internet freedom, provided the new domain name and reportedly  Assange has also set up contingency ghost servers in Sweden and elsewhere.

 "This isn’t something that can be broken with a modern computer,"
Nigel Smart, professor of cryptology at U.K.’s Bristol University, said even powerful military computers are unable to crack the encryption on the "Doomsday Files".

"You need the key to open it."