Tom Cruise John Travolta Feud

It’s one of the worst movies ever made – and secret Scientology tapes reveal how the sci-fi turkey “Battlefield Earth” brought on a cosmic war between the church’s biggest stars!

In fact, John Travolta’s disastrous action flick – based on the novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard – has been responsible for a bitter 15-year feud between the “Pulp Fiction” star and Tom Cruise, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

Marty Rathbun – the one-time former No. 2 of the religion, who personally audited Tom in top-secret confessionals – has revealed how Tom was used to shame John as “Battlefield Earth” became a joke in Hollywood! He also told how Tom called John “a son of a b—-.”

Marty said the devious Scientology plot began right after “Battlefield Earth” opened in May 2000 to universally bad reviews – and Tom came to the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, Fla., with Marty and church leader David Miscavige picking him up at the airport.

 “Tom Cruise gets in the car and says: ‘Hey Dave, what’s with ‘Battlefield Earth,’ man? Jesus, it’s the worst PR in the world,’” Marty recalled.

“DM turns to him and says: ‘Man, I swear to God … it’s just ‘Out Ethics.’ If I had anything to do with that thing, it wouldn’t have gone anywhere.” Marty recalled: “He and Tom just sat there, nattering away full-tilt, and saying what a criminal, Out-of-Ethics son of a b—- John Travolta was.”

Referring to John’s “Out Ethics” was a particularly serious charge, since it’s Scientology jargon for using freedom of choice to make decisions outside the church. But the truth was that “Battlefield Earth” bombed because John allowed David to approve every sequence of the movie!

“He’s literally seeing daily rushes from ‘Battlefield Earth,’ the shots for the day … he pulls out his dictaphone and is dictating his commentary on every shot,” said Marty.

But the Scientology leader panicked when critics blasted the project as one of the worst films of all time. That’s when David placed the blame squarely on John, and proceeded to pull Tom into the feud.

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