ROSIE O’Donnell melted down and spat “I hate you!” at Whoopi Goldberg – her 
co-host on “The View” – and in the process likely sealed her fate on the embattled talk show, behind-the-scenes sources have dished to The National ENQUIRER.

“Rosie’s been gunning for Whoopi ever since she returned to ‘The View’ in September,” a show insider revealed. “Producers were hoping the fireworks between the two would lead to an explosion in ratings, but just the opposite has happened. ‘The View’ is going down the tubes.”

Ratings for the once-popular daytime talk show are down for the fourth straight season, putting the show in a dead heat with its bitter rival, “The Talk.” “Rosie and Whoopi are blaming each other for the dip, and they got into it backstage,” added the spy. “Rosie told Whoopi that she hogs too much camera time, and Whoopi said that she’ll speak her mind whenever she wants.

“Then Rosie blasted: ‘I hate you!’ ” Faced with tanking ratings, producers conducted focus groups and found that viewers dislike the show’s 
serious tone, the source 
revealed. “There’s a charge to get back to the pop culture and social issues that younger viewers can relate to.”

As a result, producers are considering a shocking about face – bringing back former hosts Sherri Shepherd and Joy Behar! “Sherri brought a fun, energetic spirit to the show, and loved talking about the Kardashians and reality TV,” said another source. “Both she (Sherri) and Joy had huge followings, and their familiarity could be just the thing to 
generate some positive buzz.”

Rosie famously left “The View” the first time in 2007, following an epic series of controversies, including feuds with Donald Trump and then co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “Now it looks like history will repeat itself,” the source said, “and Rosie’s outta here!”