BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE’s tomboy daughter Shiloh flat-out refused to play the part of a princess in the Disney movie “Maleficent” – even though her superstar mom urged her to do it.

Instead, sources say the feisty 8-year-old wanted to play a boy’s role – or even a monster – in the Sleeping Beauty story that stars Angelina as the title character, an evil fairy.

“We knew she would,” Angelina said about Shiloh’s nixing of the role at the movie’s Hollywood premiere on May 28.

“We mentioned the idea of playing a princess and she obviously thought it was very funny. She’s not that kind of girl…She said she’d be a horned creature.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Shiloh’s obsession with dressing and acting like a boy had caused friction in the Jolie-Pitt household.

While Brad and Angelina both support their daughter’s fashion choices now, we disclosed in 2010 that Brad was furious at the actress for allowing Shiloh to sport a short haircut and wear boys’ clothing.

And in December 2011, we revealed that Brad “flipped out” after he saw Shiloh dressed in her older brother Pax’s outfit.

“Angie and Brad think that this may just be a phase Shiloh will grow out of,” said a source.

After Shiloh turned down the “Maleficent” role of young Princess Aurora, her little sister Vivienne, 5, took it. Meanwhile, their siblings Pax, 10, and Zahara, 9, make cameo appear­ances in the summer blockbuster.

“If Shiloh wants to play a boy in one of Brad’s or Angie’s future films,” added the source: “I’m sure they’d consider it.”