The View’s Whoppi Goldberg confession about leaky plumbing.  

Goldberg, who’s made no bones about her ongoing wetness problems due to a leaky bladder, has to taken to the net to trumpet her support of Poise’s 1in3 Like Me.  It’s goal is to make more women aware of bladder issues.

Goldberg has shot a series of viral short films where she’ll play Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and other femme faves from HERstory talking about their lack of bladder control, the activist/host said.

"Nobody ever wants to talk about LBL (light bladder leakage)," Whoopi admitted.

"For some reason, we’ve decided there’s something taboo about it – but so many women experience it and we should be able to talk about it openly!

"Leaks don’t discriminate, we all go through it – I tell women this ALL the time."