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Whoopi Goldberg: Take This Job And Shove It!

The outspoken host is ready to walk away from 'The View'!

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Fed-up Whoopi Goldberg wants out of “The View” — any way she can get it!

Now in the last year of a $20 million four-year contract as the chat show’s head hostess, Whoopi is unhappy, restless and ready to jet, said showbiz insiders. And her behind-the-scenes behavior’s been increasingly bitter, erratic and “antagonistic,” sources say!

When the cameras aren’t rolling, an insider claimed the razor-tongued star puts on a Hollywood-style Southern slave accent, saying: “I’s a work for ABC, who is my master. I’s a slave to ABC.”

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Now plodding through its 19th season, “TheView” has been in a ratings nosedive since Barbara Walters’ 2014 retirement. Whoopi’s tried to fill Walters’ shoes, but her clashes with the ABC brass and other hosts are notorious!

In 2014, she had onscreen screaming matches with the now-departed Rosie O’Donnell, and she’s now bickering with her current sidekicks, spies said.

Officially, Whoopi insists there’s no real tension at the show, but she recently told radio shock-jock Howard Stern why she stays: “I get a check. I sit down. Whoever is at the table, that’s who I talk to. I don’t choose who sits at the table. That is done by ABC. They make the decisions.”

Meanwhile, Joy Behar — the only original host left at “The View” — has signed a new three-year deal, which insiders hint is ABC’s back-up plan in case Whoopi walks.