Whoopi Goldberg Is Digging Her Own Grave – With a Knife & Fork!

The health-challenged host is crushing scales at 260 lbs.

whoopi goldberg is digging her own grave with a knife fork
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Talk show diva Whoopi Goldberg is eating herself to death! That’s the fear of pals close to the health-challenged co-host of The View, who recently returned from a monthlong leave after a bout with pneumonia and sepsis.

“She’s got to be tipping the scales at least 250 pounds!” one insider told the National ENQUIRER. “For someone with her recent health history, that is a recipe for disaster.”

“Yes, I came very, very close to leaving the Earth,” she said on her return to the talk show. “Good news! I didn’t.”

The bad news is that friends and health experts believe Whoopi now carries 260 pounds on her five-foot-five frame.

“At that height, she should not weigh any more than 135 pounds,” said Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who has not treated Whoopi, 63. “She is morbidly obese, and that is life-threatening.”

Insiders believe sagging ratings, her battles with her co-hosts and the dark revelations from the new book Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of
The View have led her to become a compulsive eater.

“When Whoopi is upset, she seeks comfort in food,” a source spilled. “But plowing it down at this rate is the last thing she should be doing.”

“Obesity causes inflammation in the arteries that cause plaque to form and lead to potentially fatal heart attacks,” Dr. Mirkin warned.