Whoopi Goldberg Freaks Out!

Whoopi goldberg square

Her brother’s sudden death has WHOOPI GOLDBERG convinced she’s in her own final days – and ready to leave “The View!”

“Clyde’s passing was just the latest in a string of untimely deaths among Whoopi’s family and circle of friends,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER.

Whoopi ditched hosting “The View” on May 12 to be with her brother Clyde Johnson after he suffered a brain aneurysm. She has since returned to the show.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Whoopi abused her body with drugs during her youth.

Now the comedian, 59, is afraid her own wild years are about to catch up to her!

“It’s especially hard when these things come in bunches,” added the source.

Whoopi’s close friend, Robin Williams, took his own life last August, and then director Mike Nichols – who made Whoopi a Broadway star in 1984 – passed away in November.

“It’s been one loss after another for Whoopi,” said the insider – and with only a year left on her contract with “The View,” Whoopi may leave the show to focus on fulfilling her bucket list.