Whitney Houston’s Final Moments Before Death Revealed

Find out about the singer's shocking passing on 'National Enquirer Investigates!'

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It was a tragedy that stunned the world! This weekend, National Enquirer Investigates takes Whitney Houston fans behind the scenes of her death, and the passing of her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. But before then, RadarOnline.com has a look back at the singing icon’s final hours alive.

On Saturday morning, February 11, 2012, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown had breakfast together downstairs in the hotel.

Following the meal, the singer returned to her room, ordered more food from room service and popped some Xanax, say sources.

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She was looking forward to Clive Davis‘ party, and she wanted to relax before it was time to get dressed.

“She frequently took anti-anxiety medications to help her sleep after nights of heavy partying,” said another source.

“She also took them before big performances to calm her nerves.” Whitney was set to sing at Clive’s annual pre-Grammy party. But her voice wasn’t in good shape and she knew it. Whitney spoke to her cousin, singer Dionne Warwick, who had called to coordinate seating arrangements at the event.

Not long after, Whitney took another call, this one from her mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston.

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The conversation between mother and daughter was cheerful and upbeat – there was no indication that within the hour, Whitney Houston would slip beneath the water in the bathtub and into eternity.

Her appetite seemingly insatiable, Whitney ordered more food from room service as she started preparing for the party.

She drew the bath water and snacked on a hamburger and fries before she stepped into the tub, taking with her a turkey sandwich and jalapeno peppers that she intended to snack on after the bath.

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She also brought with her a gravy boat with olive oil, which she planned to add to the water to keep her skin soft and supple.

Whitney undressed and entered the tub. Although her two male bodyguards were nearby, her female assistant was not around. Whitney could be heard singing as she soaked her tired body.

But sometime after 3 p.m., her bodyguard, Ray, noticed she’d been quiet for some time. He called out to her, but there was no response.

Next, a knock on the door – still nothing.

One of the members of her entourage pushed open the door and found Whitney slumped in the tub, her head underwater with her knees bent and her arm dangling over the side.

Confusion and chaos quickly ensued.

A bodyguard raced to the tub and pulled her out of the water, while someone else contacted the front desk.

Hotel staff called 911 at 3:43 p.m., according to the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Officers were already at the hotel for the event, and they reached the room at 3:45, just two minutes after learning of the emergency in room 434.

Paramedics spent the next 10 minutes working frantically to resuscitate the singer.

Their efforts, though valiant, were in vain.

“When the paramedics got there, it was clear that she had been gone for a while,” said a source.

Whitney Houston, perhaps the greatest singer to ever have lived, was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m.

Authorities found an empty Heineken beer bottle and a champagne glass, plus prescription pills in the room, but surprisingly, nothing that immediately set off alarm bells.

As the news about the tragedy in room 434 spread, incredulous fans began to gather outside the hotel, hoping against hope that what they’d heard was untrue.

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