Whatever Mika Brzezinski Wants, Mika Gets

Mika Brzezinski
Nathan Congleton/MSNBC

Formidable newswoman Mika Brzezinski cracks a mean whip, sources tell Straight Shuter!

Staff members from MSNBC’s Morning Joe say while the show has Joe Scarborough’s name in the title, his 54-year-old wife and on-air partner is wearing the pants!

“Make no mistake, Mika is the boss on-set and off. She is smart, intense, focused and demanding,” spills a former employee.

“The two of them are opposites. Joe is a really nice guy, where she’s cold, ice cold, and very, very bossy!”

One legendary incident, which took place on the set, is still talked about and proves if you mess with Mika, you are messing with fire — literally!

“I remember the day we had a story about Paris Hilton coming up,” snitches a spy witness. “Joe loves pop culture and would love to do more of it on the show, but Mika was having none of it. She marched in and took a lighter to the script!”

“I’m not sure if Joe was turned on or horrified. Maybe a little of both!”