Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Exposes His Twisted Marriage to Train-Wreck TV Star!

Bert Girigorie chronicles his twisted marriage to train-wreck TV star!

Wendy Williams' Ex-Husband Opens Up About Their Twisted Marriage
Bert Girigorie

Daytime diva Wendy Williams’ first husband is dishing dirt about their passionate sex life — and rumors of her cheating — as the troubled talk show host continues her struggle for sobriety amid reports her current hubby’s alleged mistress had a baby girl!

Bert Girigorie — who was with the TV chatterbox from 1992 to 1995 — claimed their relationship was initially driven by sex and they had “a lot of fun together.” But after they wed in 1994, he said things rapidly went downhill!

He told The National ENQUIRER: “She just turned into a different person. I didn’t understand a lot of things she did … The relationship became very strained.”

Bert claimed the newlyweds had a furious fight on their honeymoon in Rio when disc jockey Wendy, who now earns $15 million a year on TV, wanted to go out at night on her own. He said he didn’t realize she was using drugs — though she later admitted to a cocaine habit — but looking back, he said some of her behavior seemed suspect.

Though after their divorce, Bert said he heard rumors about wildcat Wendy stepping out with other men!

He added: “Several people came to me with stories about her being with other people.

“She would stay out all night … and she didn’t offer any explanation. And that pissed me off.”

Bert claimed he later learned Wendy was having an affair with someone prominent in “entertainment and media,” but he refused to identify the now-married man.

Her ex said he was also hurt by claims in her book, Wendy’s Got the Heat, which reported he physically abused her — charges he insisted are not true.

Bert’s bombshell comes during a rocky time for the 54-year-old, who admitted on the March 19 episode of The Wendy Williams Show that she’d enlisted the help of a sober coach and was living in a NYC halfway house.

But days later, sources said she signed herself out of the facility and began boozing it up before being brought to a hospital for treatment on March 25.

The reported relapse came hours after she was spotted without her wedding ring, while Kevin Hunter — her husband of 21 years — was said to be with rumored galpal Sharina Hudson, 34, as she gave birth in Philadelphia.

Sources whispered the pill-popping blabbermouth’s backslide at the end of last year was prompted by her troubles with Kevin — and the suspicion that he’s the father of Sharina’s baby.

But Bert said he hopes his ex can kick her demons — despite their difficult history — and added: “I hope she and all the other folks struggling are able to overcome it for their own sake and for their family’s sake.”