At long last – BURT and SALLY to tie knot in “fairytale” nups – sources. 

AFTER being reunited by the hard luck of his golden years, Burt Reynolds is mulling marriage with longtime love Sally Field.

“It would be a fairytale,” a source said.

“Maybe for Burt and Sally, there is such a thing as a second chance at love.”

The lovebirds’ romance blossomed on the set of 1977’s “Smokey and the Bandit,” and grew over a rollicking five-year relationship.

But “their timing was always off,” a source close to Sally has reportedly said.

When Burt, now 79, did finally pop the question, Sally, now 68, said no.

The pair discovered each other again through the veil of passing years and accompanying tragedies.

Burt has struggled with rehab stints, a quintuple heart bypass, back surgeries, home foreclosure and an estrangement from son Quinton.

“Sally was devastated when she learned the extent of Burt’s troubles,” a source told The National ENQUIRER before Christmas.

Now, according to another source: “Burt is getting ready to pop the question!”