New investigation suggests PRINCESS DIANA may have been murdered by British Special Forces as Scotland Yard probes shocking claim.

Scotland Yard has revealed it is investigating a claim that the crash that killed Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in Paris in 1997 was actually arranged by British Special Forces operatives.

The murder allegation is made in a new book by Alan Power who quoted statements made by the former in-laws of an unidentified soldier about the alleged hit.

The decision to kill Diana was made, according to the book, to stop her from revealing embarrassing information about her former husband, Prince Charles, RadarOnline reported.

Scotland Yard has been clear that it is not re-opening the case, simply looking at the new claim to see if it is worthy of further investigation.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously both French and UK authorities found the deaths to be the result of an accident. 

Their doomed couple’s driver was drunk with his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit in the UK, and he was also driving at twice the speed limit.