Battle for the late JEFFERSONS star SHERMAN HEMSLEY’s fortune in residuals enters its 8th year!

Just who now gets what of Hemsley’s estate was the subject of a ruling in California Appeals court, The Hollywood Reporter said.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Hemsley, best known for  playing George Jefferson on All in the Family and The Jeffersons, died at age 74 from lung cancer in July 2012. Yet Hemsley wasn’t buried right away as the first of a bizarre series of disputes arose from a man claiming to Sherman’s long lost brother.  It took four months for that legal morass to be settled and Sherman finally laid to rest.

Meanwhile, Hemsley who died virtually penniless left something of a fortune – his  TV rerun residuals divided between two individuals, William Little and David Pullman, who bought Hemsley's residual income when the actor suffered financial difficulties during his sad last days and needed cash quick to pay off his mounting debt.

After Hemsley signed over his fortune, in 2005, the two entered into an agreement where Pullman paid $42,500 to Little and each would have 50 percent of Hemsley's residuals as the checks rolled in every time an ep of Hemsley’s TV shows air.

Naturally, Little sued Pullman, alleging first that the agreement was illegal and that their so-called joint venture was in need of being dissolved. For the past 8 years the two have been duking it out in various courtrooms.

Sitting in wait is the actor’s union, Screen Actors Guild, which holds onto the residual monies instead of releasing it when there is a legal dispute. Long story short, this unabated war finally made it to the California appeals court again, where Judge Victoria Chaney largely gave Little the victory by determining that that the dispute wasn't ripe for arbitration.

As THR noted Hemsley spent ten years as George Jefferson on The Jeffersons and at this rate the fight over his money will surpass that length of time.

Doesn’t help Hemsley any, though.