Chat show host MAURY POVICH caught in new scandal as he’s embroiled in a scheme to auction off the virginity of an 18 year old girl at notorious hooker palace – the Nevada Bunny Ranch, The ENQUIRER has learned!

"Jennifer" , 18,  who is auctioning off her virginity told Maury (and his aud) that two years ago she had seen another Maury ep where a young woman "Natalie", accompanied by Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch,  Carson City, Nevada brothel,  attempted to auction off her "cherry".
Raised in poverty, "Jennifer" said  her mother, "Jill," is okay with her choice.

"I heard my mom talking with her friends and they all said they wish they could go back in time and sell their virginity," "Jennifer" said.
"This is an opportunity for me to make more money than people see in a lifetime."
Prior to her appearance on Maury, "Jennifer" took a lie detector test, which according to polygraph experts – not gynecological – she appeared  virginal.

Maury then pushed the envelope in his never-ending quest for TV notoriety asking, "Is she a sellable item?"

"Of course, there will be people from around the world who would show interest in her," Bunny ranch kingpin Hof responded shockingly.

"She IS stunningly beautiful."

Hof then confessed he would get a 50% commission out of ANY deal that might be consummated.

The "virgin" ep airs tomorrow — if it hasn’t been banned in Boston — AND elsewhere!