REVEALED! CHARLIE SHEEN ex-wife BROOKE MUELLER lost custody of the kids after shocking video of her doing crack cocaine and buying meth emerges.

In a shocking video and series of photos obtained  by, the troubled Palm Beach socialite and ex-reality star is caught on camera smoking crack cocaine out of a glass pipe and scoring $1500 worth of crystal methamphetamine.

The emergence of the horrifically graphic scenes underscore why a Los Angeles judge, on the advice from the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services, removed the hopeless addict’s twins, Bob and Max, aged four, from her custody in May.

Investigators feared the mother-of-two’s rampant drug use could endanger the boys.

The video shows a haggard looking Mueller — who is today fighting to remain clean during a staggering 20th stint in rehabilitation — clutching a glass pipe – known to druggies as a “stem”. Dressed in a brown robe, she uses a lighter to ignite the crack, a freebase form of cocaine, then deeply inhales the drug.

“Where is the crystal? I am giving you $1500,” Mueller is heard on the tape telling her drug dealer, before repeating those words for a second time.

It was purportedly shot before she lost custody of the children. The source of the drug binge video has come forward in a desperate bid to save her life and beg Mueller, 36, to stay clean and complete her current rehabilitation… before it’s too late.

“Brooke loved getting high,” the source said. ”This was just another crazy night of her getting high.  When she did drugs, it was three to four times a week. I know that she is aware that if she doesn’t stop doing drugs, she is going to lose her kids (for good)… hopefully she can stop.”