WHEN Vanna White isn’t onstage flipping letters on “Wheel of Fortune,” the beauty is flipping houses. And her “hobby” – dabbling in real estate – is paying off big-time!

While the game-show hostess makes $4 million a year as Pat Sajak’s sidekick on “Wheel,” she also pulls in millions from her property investments.

“It’s a hobby I have and I don’t know where that came from,” Vanna says. “I just love to see the transition. It’s so cool to go out and buy the lamp and paint the walls.

“I don’t normally tear things out, I usually fix up what’s there – but if it’s really bad, I will rip it out.

“It’s just so much fun creating!”

Vanna, 56, a fixture on the “Wheel” set for three decades, certainly has plenty of space where she can let her creative juices run wild. According to documents obtained by The ENQUIRER, she currently owns at least nine homes worth an estimated combined total of more than $11 million. The properties range in price from $30,000 to several million.

Keeping busy feathering her multiple nests also provides the still-gorgeous divorcee with a distraction as her chickadees fly the coop. Son Nicholas, 19, is already in college, and daughter Giovanna, 16, is a high school sophomore.

Vanna’s advice to others who want to get into the house-flipping scene?

“Start small,” she says. “Don’t get a place and do the whole thing – just do one room at a time.”