TV chatty ELLEN DEGENERES prides herself on her fresh-faced, girl-next-door looks – but sources say she’s one of TV’s vainest stars!

“She spends hours in front of the mirror hiding her secret cos­metic surgery,” an insider on her syndicated talk show told The ENQUIRER.

“Publicly, Ellen is all about achieving a minimal makeup look but the reality is that she’s spent major bucks for a nat­ural-looking face-lift and other cosmetic pro­cedures. The big challenge for her makeup and hair team is to conceal scarring due to the work that she’s had done.

“It usually takes them at least two and a half hours to give Ellen the peaches-and-cream glow that her fans love.”

Doctors have speculated that the 54-year-old face of Cover Girl cosmetics and former “American Idol” judge has undergone face-, eye-, neck- and brow-lifts.

Ellen, who wed actress Portia de Rossi in 2008, is also rumored to have had laser peels to smooth out her complexion as well as frequent Botox injec­tions to eliminate crow’s feet and freshen up her look.

“But Ellen has made a name for herself as the queen of anti-glamour and has never admitted to having any procedures,” said the source. “She hates to portray the image of actually caring about her appearance.”

Still, she needs help to look her best with her crazy schedule, working constantly and keeping long hours.

“The cosmetic procedures she’s had, paired with highly specialized makeup techniques, make Ellen look awake and alert even when she’s completely exhausted,” noted the source.

“The bottom line is that even if you are as down to earth as Ellen, in Hollywood your face is your fortune.”