Vanessa Williams and her husband, L.A. Laker Rick Fox, have a bizarre relationship, even by Hollywood standards — he cheats on her, they live apart and decide to divorce, but they never file the court papers!

“It’s the wackiest divorce in showbiz — they’ve spent 18 months talking about splitting up and do nothing!” said a source close to the couple.

After The ENQUIRER published a photo of Fox kissing a beautiful blonde in our issue that hit newsstands June 25, Fox’s publicist confirmed the marriage was over. Fox was caught red-handed in a nightclub called Da Dawghouse in Waikiki, Hawaii. He was supposed to be in Honolulu for preseason training. But the hoop star was more interested in going one-on-one with the blonde. He danced with her and even had his hands between her legs as she sat at the bar, according to an eyewitness.


Despite the Lakers star’s extramarital fun, he and Vanessa went on a family vacation together with their kids during the July 4 holiday. They have one child together.

Vanessa has three from her previous marriage and Rick has one from a previous relationship.

But the outing was purely for the sake of the kids and the source close to the couple tells The ENQUIRER: “They went off sailing for five days. But they did this for the same reason they have taken other vacations and holidays together — trying to effect some sort of normality for their five kids.”

While Rick lives on the West Coast and Vanessa lives on the East Coast, their publicists need to meet somewhere in the middle and get their stories straight! Vanessa’s publicist Brad Cafarelli told The ENQUIRER: “They are not separated. Vanessa has not filed for divorce.”


But Fox’s publicist Staci Wolfe was more forthcoming and told us: “They are heading for a divorce and have been so for the last 18 months. They’ve virtually been leading separate lives.”

Added an insider: “They may get a divorce next week or they may get a divorce in another 18 months. “It’s wacky. But they do love their kids. And it will break both their hearts when they make it final.” — ALAN SMITH