Somebody needs to take Vanessa Hudgens‘ camera away!

The Disney High School Musical star’s self-snapped nude photo scandal continues to grow, as one of her ex boyfriends has now come forward to tell the NATIONAL ENQUIRER exclusively about how she sent him naked pics.

Vanessa took the photograph of herself in her bedroom at age 15 and then sent it to then-boyfriend Adam O’Neal.

Two weeks ago in a world exclusive story The ENQUIRER revealed the existence of a set of naked photos of Vanessa. Those photos had been sent by Vanessa to her boyfriend and co-star Zac Efron. And recently another ex boyfriend, Drake Bell, has been associated with Vanessa’s nude photos scandal.

But Adam tells the NATIONAL ENQUIRER that Vanessa sent him pics in 2004!

“It was like she was saying, ‘Look what you’re going to miss,'” her then-boyfriend Adam O’Neal, 19, told The ENQUIRER.

Adam says he met Vanessa at an acting audition. “She was 15 and I was a year older,” Adam told the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

“I asked her out on a date and we went to a movie — Jeepers Creepers.

“Her parents were pretty strict, so we only got to hang out maybe three times a week.

“We were together for three months and I quickly realized how ambitious she was. Becoming an actress was all that was on her mind.

“Then, just before Christmas 2003 she came to a party at a friend’s house — and dumped me.

“She told me she’d hooked up with an ex-boyfriend three days earlier.

“I was shattered when she told me she’d cheated on me. But she was a pretty crazy girl, and she played with me off and on for the rest of the evening.

“One minute she’d tell me again it was over — the next she’d be kissing and touching me.

“Finally I’d had enough. I told her, ‘You broke up with me, and now you’re toying with me. You need to go.'”

But three weeks later Vanessa e-mailed Adam and they talked online.

“She said she still wanted to be friends with me, and she was sending me a picture.

“Up came the picture on the computer and I realized I was looking at Vanessa — standing stark naked and looking right at me.

“I’d never seen her in the nude before, but I recognized the background. The picture was taken in her bedroom and she must have taken it with a camera sitting on the dresser and set on timer.

“I was so shocked I couldn’t think of anything to say. I just messaged back, ‘Thank you.'”

(Hey, at least he’s polite!)

Adam quickly filed the nude photo in a computer folder dated January 11, 2004. He was astonished when the same picture suddenly appeared on the internet recently.

After receiving the nude photo, Adam immediately told his mom!

His mother, Margaret O’Neal, told The NATIONAL ENQUIRER: “I was horrified. I thought Vanessa was such a sweet girl.”

So did Disney!