Van Morrison To L.A. Court: I Won’t Come

Irish rocker fights subpoena seeking ‘irrelevant’ testimony

van morrison subpoena lawsuit fight
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Van Morrison, the beloved Irish singer-songwriter, finds himself in a less-than-fabulous moondance over a Los Angeles court subpoena — which he says he doesn’t recall being served!

The disagreement stems from a copyright battle involving Van the Man (pictured above with his daughter, Shana Morrison) and William E. Sagan, the owner of the record company Wolfgang’s Vault.

Sagan’s lawyers insist that on March 18 — while Van was staying in the Ace Hotel in downtown L.A. during a series of concerts — they served him with a subpoena requiring him to be deposed in the City of Angels.

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According to an insider who spoke exclusively with The National ENQUIRER, Van’s having none of it. “He has no recollection of being served and finds it hard to believe it happened, given his security team at the venue,” said the source.

Several music publishers have filed suit against Sagan, claiming that Wolfgang’s Vault — a purveyor of vintage-rock memorabilia, concert recordings and videos — infringes on numerous copyrights. To defend his case, Sagan’s attorneys fired off a series of subpoenas to Van, demanding that he appear in L.A. to be deposed in the case.

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Van insists that he’s not a party in the suit, and the insider says his lawyers have filed documents in court demanding that a federal judge quash Van’s subpoena — which would force the 71-year-old to travel thousands of miles to La La Land from his home outside of Belfast, Ireland.

“The subpoena seeks irrelevant information and appears to be a part of a pattern and practice by the defendant of firing off subpoenas to famous musicians,” the insider told The ENQUIRER. “The lawsuit claims he had a valid agreement with Van to exploit certain recordings, but that doesn’t require him to show up!”