Jean-Claude Van Damme is a deadbeat dad, charges ex-wife in ENQUIRER exclusive interview!

The martial arts superstar of recent indie hit JCVD , Universal Soldier and Time Cop hasn’t seen his 13-year-old son Nicolas or paid child support for him in four years, his ex-wife Darcy LaPier told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

Darcy, now a rodeo star and horse breeder, was Van Damme’s fourth wife.

In their notoriously bitter 1997 divorce, she claimed the Muscles from Brussels was an abusive drug addict. A Los Angeles court ordered him to pay $10,000 a month in child support.

"But Jean-Claude hasn’t paid child support and he hasn’t seen his son in the last four years. Neither Darcy nor Nicolas have heard from him in that time," Darcy’s current husband, real estate developer Brian Snodgrass, told The ENQUIRER.

"The last time Nicolas saw his dad was in 2005 when he went to his home in Vancouver and spent the weekend with him. They got along fine, but Jean-Claude has never called him since."

Darcy – who was married to Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion millionaire Ron Rice and inherited $34 million from her fourth husband, late Herbalife magnate Mark Hughes – tells all about Van Damme on Hollywood Ex-Wives in October on E! cable net.

In an e-mail interview with The ENQUIRER, Darcy confirmed: "We haven’t heard from JC at all in 4 and a half years no child support or contact (sic). Some things never change I guess."

Van Damme, who entered rehab in 1996 for a cocaine habit, has a son and daughter with his current wife, bodybuilder Gladys Portugues. He tried to explain his absence from Nicolas’ life in an interview in an UK tab.
"The custody case is very painful. The legal system in California is crazy. For me not to see my kid is a disaster," he said.

"You cannot do that to nobody. It has got to the point where Nicolas cannot communicate with my other children on Facebook."