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Sad Last Days For Valerie Perrine

‘Superman’ siren wasting away from Parkinson’s, friends say.

Inset of Valerie Perrine in 1978 Superman Film Wearing Black Sequin Dress, BW of Valerie Perrine Circa 2019 at Home
Shutterstock; Courtesy of Valerie Perrine

Seventies screen siren Valerie Perrine is facing the end!

That’s the heartbreaking news from friends of the 75-year-old Superman star, who endured unsuccessful brain surgery in 2017 to battle Parkinson’s disease!

“Valerie has been passing away slowing in front of her friends’ eyes,” said the source.

The former sex symbol, nominated for an Oscar for 1974’s Lenny, has been reduced, the source claimed, to surviving in a tiny L.A. apartment on Social Security, a small pension and whatever she can make auctioning memorabilia online.

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“She used to do Comic Con conventions to make extra dough,” the insider said. “She broke her back and went in a wheelchair until she just couldn’t do it anymore.” She later became malnourished when Parkinson’s meds made her teeth so brittle, they fell out of her mouth!

“Up until recently, she helped support herself by signing copies of the Playboy magazine cover she appeared on in 1981 on eBay,” the insider revealed. “But now her hands shake so badly, she has trouble writing her name!”

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Friends look after the actress, who never married after her fiancé, a gun collector, accidentally shot himself.

“There was an internet campaign to raise money for a documentary about her life, but it fell thousands short of its goal,” the source said.

“This is a sad end for a great lady!”