Valerie Bertinelli Vows To Stay Big!

Val bertinelli ne short

Valerie Bertinelli, star of “One Day at a Time,” is no longer singing the blues over her ballooning belly!

Busty Val, 55, has finally come to terms with her weight gain — with the help of her husband, former financial planner Tom Vitale, sources said.

“Valerie had really been down in the dumps after packing the pounds back on over the course of the last 12 months,” a pal told The National ENQUIRER. “But her hubby managed to turn that frown upside down when he told her he didn’t care.

“Tom cooed to Val, ‘There’s just more of you to love!’ ”

As The ENQUIRER reported recently, Valerie was looking fat and unhappy after piling on a whopping 35 pounds.

She had previously dropped 49 pounds on the Jenny Craig program — slimming down from a roly-poly 172 pounds to a trim 123 pounds.

Val showed off her newly svelte figure in a dazzling bikini shoot, but then her weight began to yo-yo.

In 2012, the 5-foot-2 star’s weight crept up when she began cooking up a storm — and sampling the results — for her cookbook, “One Dish at a Time.”

Valerie later shed the weight that she’d gained while prepping the cookbook. But then, her woes mounted after she fractured her left foot in a bizarre accident at home in late December 2013.

After her foot finally healed, she got back into the gym and managed to shed the excess weight. But her new Food Network show, “Valerie’s Home Cooking,” has wreaked havoc on her weight plans.

On the show, she whips up such high-calorie Italian family recipes as spaghetti and meatballs, cheesy lasagna and quiche, as well as fattening chocolate desserts.

“Just as she did with when she was writing her cookbook, Valerie started sampling her own dishes,” said the source. “And the pounds crept back on!”

Val had raked herself over the coals because of it, the insider said.

“In the past, Valerie always felt a lot of pressure to remain model thin,” the source said. “Now, Valerie’s fat — and happy about it!”