WEIGHT-LOSS won­der woman VALERIE BERTINELLIi is chewing on a tasty TV offer – to become one of the new co-hosts on the daytime cooking talk show “The Chew”!

The ENQUIRER has learned that the producers of ABC’s foodie chatfest are looking to replace one of the show’s current female co-hosts – either Daphne Oz or Carla Hall – and they’ve got their sights set on Val­erie!

The “Hot in Cleve­land” star – who shed 40 pounds after replac­ing Kirstie Alley as Jenny Craig spokeswoman in 2007 – is said to already be in talks with “Chew” execs.

“She’s still considered one of television’s all-time Ameri­can sweethearts,” a source said of the former “One Day at a Time” actress. “Fans have seen her grow up, get married, start a family, get divorced, battle weight and find love and TV suc­cess again.

“Women relate to her and men love her.”

Meanwhile, “The Chew” de­buted in September 2011 and mixes cooking segments with food-related lifestyle topics. It’s hosted by world-renowned chefs and restaurateurs Ma­rio Batali and Michael Symon along with Dr. Oz’s daughter – diet book author Daphne – and Hall, a former runway model and finalist on Bravo’s “Top Chef.”

“Valerie’s a perfect fit for ‘The Chew,’ ” noted the source. “She’s a big fan of the show, a natural on TV and a great cook – and she’s always wanted to do a talk show.”

VALERIE, 52, has even penned her own cookbook, “One Dish at a Time.” The only problem is that she may have a scheduling conflict with “Hot in Cleve­land.”

“Producers are trying to figure out a way to make it hap­pen, either by shooting around her sitcom schedule or when she’s on hiatus,” added the source. “Valerie says if she gets the job, she’s ready to throw on an apron and start dishing!”