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Vaccine Developed To Fight Heart Disease

New drug reduces high cholesterol!

heart disease vaccine
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Researchers are on the verge of developing a vaccine to protect patients against high cholesterol!

The new development would cut the risk of heart disease — and possibly eliminate the need for statin drugs currently used to combat cholesterol.

Human trials have begun for the injection, which will consist of an initial dose followed by an annual booster shot.

An initial study conducted on mice at Leiden University in the Netherlands found the vaccine, known as AT04A, cut cholesterol by 53 percent — and as a result reduced damage to blood vessels by a stunning 64 percent.

The medication would be used by high-risk patients with a history of heart attacks, and those concerned about the effects of statins.

“The vaccine works by boosting the way the body naturally clears cholesterol from the blood,” reveals Oliver Siegel, chief executive of AFFiRiS, the Australian company behind the drug.