The original KARATE KID RALPH MACCHIO displays diva-like tendencies as he “washes on, washes OFF” “DWTS” photo shoot!
LEAVE me alone! I’m an ACTOR!” Ralph Macchio snapped when a production crew tried to pry him from his dressing room to do promotional tapings for “Dancing with the Stars” reruns.

The Gameshow Network won rebroadcast rights to the smash ABC series and got past contestants including Chaz Bono, Rick Fox, Kate Gosselin, Audrina Patridge and J.R. Martinez to tape promos, but Ralph spoiled the fun, say sources.

“It was like a big ‘DWTS’ reunion and everyone involved had a blast,” a Hollywood insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Everyone but Ralph! He showed up like a real sourpuss and distanced himself from the rest of the gang, hiding in his trailer or staying off to the side and sulking.

“Ralph was reluctant to pose with other contestants and acted like a prima donna.”

When crew members tried to get Ralph, 50, out of his dressing room, the actor demanded to be left alone and huffed: “I’m not a reality star wannabe.”

When he was finally lured in front of the cameras, “he had major problems with the dialogue written for him,” said the source.

“He wouldn’t say this, and he wouldn’t say that. Just about every line had to be rewritten.

“And as soon as his scene was finished, he took off like a bat out of hell.

"Everyone joked that he was rushing home to watch himself in his one big hit, ‘The Karate Kid,’ and relive his glory days.”

What, no "My Cousin Vinny" too?