Tyra Banks isn’t ready to endorse a political candiditate for president yet the way Oprah Winfrey back Barack Obama. “I can’t say I’ll publicly be endorsing a candidate, but it’s something I’m thinking about,” Banks, who is set to tape an interview with Obama on Sept. 27.

“If you look at a lot of people in the field we’re in,” says Banks, “they’re constantly endorsing everything — from a new purse to a new hotel. This is just another thing [to endorse].”

The model-turned-talk show host says she respects Oprah’s choice to back Obama’s presidential campaign. “I love Oprah using her power, because she has the influence to change what she feels is necessary.” Banks says she wants to leave her show open to all candidates. “We want as many candidates as will come on,” she says. “We want both sides of the political spectrum.”