Tyra goes Toe to Toe With ‘DWTS’ Exit Rumors

Tyra Banks
ABC/Christopher Willard

Toxic Tyra Banks is outraged over reports she’s getting the boot off Dancing with the Stars and won’t go waltzing out the door without a fight, say sources.

“Tyra isn’t going to make this easy for them,” reveals an insider. “She has a strong team of reps and tons of producing experience, so she’s not going to just sit back and let them cut her out of the equation.”

The once popular series is set to cha-cha over to Disney’s streaming service after 30 seasons on ABC, and show honchos are apparently trying to blame the former catwalk queen turned host for network TV abandoning “DWTS.”

“They want to put it all on Tyra, but she’s not going to take the fall for this,” squeals the spy. “She’s going totally nuclear and threatening to spill all kinds of show secrets unless they keep her around. Either that or they’ll have to pay her off to leave quietly.”

The 48-year-old former supermodel began fronting the long-running show in 2020 after Tom Bergeron and his sidekick Erin Andrews were shockingly fired following Season 28.

As The National ENQUIRER has reported, Tyra’s diva-like behavior alienated contestants and staffers, who claim she reigned over an abusive environment. Meanwhile, viewers never seemed to warm up to her, and ratings plummeted to historic lows.

Still, Tyra is said to be determined to emerge from the wreckage as the winner.

“Tyra’s a very tough cookie, and she’s not going to make this easy for them,” predicts the insider. “She won’t be their scapegoat. She wants a huge exit package and recognition.”

“She’s already started a campaign to line up people on her side. There are plenty of people who are bitter about how they’ve been treated and Tyra’s using that.”

“She knows how to play the Hollywood game.”