Tyra Banks Blamed for Destroying DWTS

Tyra Banks
(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Tyrant Tyra Banks is being blamed for destroying Dancing with the Stars with her dubious hosting skills and diva-like behavior after the once popular series was booted from broadcast TV, tipsters exclusively tell The National ENQUIRER.

“Tyra annoyed audiences and co-workers by making the show all about her. She was strutting around the set like she owned it and seemed oblivious to the disastrous ratings,” spills a mole.

“DWTS” was jettisoned by ABC honchos after 30 seasons, following plummeting audience numbers and growing backlash over the feisty former supermodel, 48. The reality contest is slated to waltz over to Disney’s streaming service — with a rumored revamp in the works. But sources snitch there’s widespread uproar over Tyra’s two-season stint.

The catwalker got her claws into the show after longtime host Tom Bergeron and sidekick Erin Andrews were shockingly let go after season 28. Tyra dropped the ball right away by announcing the incorrect bottom two couples during an elimination round — but blamed her flub on a cue card blunder!

Disgruntled fans even urged bosses to vote her off with an online petition fetching more than 14,000 signatures!

The show’s star quality also took a hit with season 30 featuring barely famous names, including fitness instructor Cody Rigsby and social media influencer Olivia Jade Giannulli — whose parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, served time for buying her way into the University of Southern California!

A tipster snipes: “When college admissions scandal poster girl Olivia Jade is one of your star contestants, that’s a sign to worry.”

Meanwhile, ratings dropped off a cliff as a mini-revolt erupted behind the scenes, sources snitch.

“Tyra was a disaster, and there’s been a ton of sniping that made ‘DWTS’ a pretty toxic ship toward the end,” squeals a Hollywood insider.

As the show struggles to reinvent itself, the spy adds, “There’s even a rumor they’ll be trying to team up with the Kardashians and hire a huge name like Kylie Jenner to co-host or fully replace Tyra.”

A source confides, “The view is that Tyra contributed in no small part in driving this whole show into the ground!”